I am a stylist at heart, with an incredible passion for my job. Twelve years ago I made ​​the big step, left the corporate life behind me in order to live fully in “le fashion”.  Today I work for magazines, fashion labels, catalogs and advertising agencies.
As a stylist I create looks, tell a story with an image and together with the direct, photographer & make-up artist we achieve to create the perfect shoot.
Besides photoshoots and commercials, you can hire me as a personal stylist.

As you can see in my portfolio, I’m more than ‘just’ a stylist. I can organise a photoshoot from A to Z, which means location scouting, casting, set design, wardrobe styling, prop styling, hair and make-up, catering and production on the set. I provide and work with colleagues so your shoot goes as smooth as silk.

“Fashion is about fun & expressing yourself. Be a lover of the wild & a joker of the heart”